Outfit Inspiration: Contrasting Textiles, Mixing Metals, and Winter Whites

13 Dec

Are you tired of the sea of grey that your winter wardrobe has become, do you step up to your closet and seem to be at a loss for inspiration in new ways to style yourself for holidays? If so here are a few inspirational photos from ShopBop’s Luxe Redux editorial to get those creative juices flowing:

Try taking your knits and pairing them with wide leg trousers or a silk maxi skirt. It’s a chic and effortless way to look put together without looking as if you’re trying to hard. Perfect for the office or weekend wear.

Mixing Metals: Mixing metallics are a great way to spice up and add sparkle to your holiday wear this season. It’s a modern and fresh way to add some festive flair to an ensemble. My favorite way to wear them is by mixing pewters and golds. If it seems a little overwhelming try combining different metals in your accessories like bangles or layered necklaces instead of in your garments.

also try mixing your metalics with fur for a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Wearing Winter White: Dressing in all white can seem bland but combining fur, knits, leathers, muted animal prints and silks are ways to add contrast in textures to give your monochromatic outfit some visual interest.


HOPR Style: Workin’ It

7 Dec

There’s no doubt that dressing for the corporate world doesn’t seem like the most exciting endeavor but there are plenty of ways to let your chic personality shine in the workplace. The uniform of the skirt-suit or pant-suit gets a bit stale as the weeks wear on, and even casual Fridays do little to inspire. Do not despair worker drones HOPR is here to give you a few tips on spicing up that sometimes mundane routine of dressing for work!

(photo: Asos, accessories by DanniJo, Asos, and Shopbop)


In the corporate world certain rules must be followed: nothing see-through, too short, tight, or revealing; its an office not a club so make sure your attire is tailored to fit your environment. When shopping, keep in mind that fit is key as it concerns your foundational pieces and use your accessories to express yourself and your unique personality. Keep your accessories interesting but also simple enough so that they aren’t to distracting to you coworkers and superiors.

(photo: Shopbop, Accessories by Shopbop, Asos, House of Harlow)


In the Creative Industry much like the corporate industry the same rules to dressing apply: Nothing too tight, short, sheer, or revealing, however you’ve got a lot more wiggle room in terms of creativity with your accessories. Try pairing your work separates with unique accessories, mixing color, pattern, and texture to add interest.

Bored of the usual Cat-Eye look?

21 Nov

The Cat-Eye beauty trend is probably one of the most iconic and sought after looks that pretty much every woman wants in her beauty arsenal. Its a great way to get a sleek, sexy, and attention grabbing look without being overdone and extremely versatile for day or night. Check out these graphic and edgy adaptations on the traditional winged out trend!!

The Open Edge Line

Photo: David Slijper for Instyle.com

First take your black eyeliner pencil or liquid liner to trace the shape of you upper and lower lash lines. Try to keep the lines as straight as possible but if you have any imperfections use a q-tip with make-up remover to correct any mistakes. If you’re still having problems try working across your lash lines in small strokes and continue across your eyelid until the line is completely filled in. Then extend the lines about 1/4 inch past the outer corners of you eyes.

The Double Sided Line

Photo: David Slijper

This look runs a little more on the edgy side and can be a little intimidating but its a great look for a night out with the girls or a concert with friends. I highly recommend using marker-style pens or a brush with a very fine tip to get a precise  line.  The pen will give you more control and firmness so adding the detail around your eyes will go much smoother than using a traditional eyeliner pencil.  Start by lining your upper lash lines and flicking the line up into a wing past the corners of your eyes. Then retrace the line to fatten the stroke of the line on your lid. Next drag the pen from the bridge of the nose upward to connect it to the line drawn on your upper eyelid. Finally create a line near the middle of the lower lash line and merge it with the line on the bridge of your nose to create  a sideways V at the tear ducts.

The Thick and Squared off Line

Photo: David Slijper

This thick, squared-off wing looks most modern with a matte finish—and no mascara. Before applying liner sweep translucent powder over your lids to get rid of any shine to your skin, then pull your eyelid up toward the temple to hold skin taut. Once again, use a pointed felt-tip eyeliner pen to draw a thick line along the upper lash lines, flick the line upward past the outer eyelid corners, and drag the pen inward across the crease. Next, fill in the open square with pencil and top the wing off with matte gel eyeliner.

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Fashion Fall Colors 2011

16 Nov

Pantone.com has reported the fashion color report for fall 2011. We see bright yet deep colors, and of course, lovin’ the femme touche.

There are yellows, members of the rose, pink, and blues. Are you ready for fall?

While last season had a big emphasis on deep plums and purples, this color pallet has some warm tones…maybe for our chilly winter/fall season.

Tell us what you think!  We love to hear your opinion…here on on our Facebook.

Our own collection of Pantone’s color pallet:

Only $29.80Only $16.80

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Versace for H&M Launch Party – Think Leather, Print, and Colour

14 Nov

Last week on November 10 in New York City, Fashion Powerhouse Versace and H&M celebrated the launch of their collaboration in a fashion event that was nothing less than spectacular. Blake Lively, Selma Blair, and Jessica Alba were some of the celeb fashion elite in attendance along with fashion blogging sensations Rumi Neely of “Fashion Toast” and Karen Blanchard of “Where Did You Get That”. The venue was decorated in true Versace style, with guests entering the world of Versace from the moment they set foot on the red carpet. The catwalk was paved with gold, the perfect environment in which to preview the Versace for H&M collection.

Outfits showcased on the catwalk brought together different styles from the Versace archive. The collection featured iconic Versace designed pieces for women such as draped metal mesh dresses, the classic Versace border design studded leather jacket, and exuberantly colored suiting pieces with mixed prints. The exclusive show also included unique creations that Versace designed especially for the evening. The collection goes on sale at around 300 stores worldwide and online on November 17.

To View more of the collection visit: http://www.hm.com

(photo: Jamie Mccarthy/Getty Images, Karen Blanchard of Where Did You Get That)

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